Your Tight-Knit Community Away From Home


Koshnb’s online property rental system is marketed and designed specifically for Jewish and Kosher travelers.


We understand what it’s like to be in a new place, staying in unfamiliar accommodations. The stress of making sure your needs are met can completely detract from any enjoyment you feel while on a relaxing vacation or business trip.


That’s where we come in.


Koshnb was created on the premise that Jewish travelers from around the world would be able to find community, peace, and comfort among those who understand the cultural, religious and communal perspectives of being Jewish. By booking your stays with Koshnb, your unique travel needs will be understood and fulfilled in an efficient manner by hosts who have your wellbeing in mind.


We want to change the way you feel about traveling!


Having the ideal Jewish travel experience is not only possible, but guaranteed when you utilize Koshnb’s dynamic booking platform. Whether you need a completely Kosher vacation rental, a place to spend Jewish holidays in beautiful locales around the world, or you simply want to meet and socialize with others in the Jewish community while traveling, our site will help you match with the host that’s right for you. Koshnb is also ideal for Jewish business travel - staying in a clean and comfortable hosted home or apartment is often much more convenient than a noisy hotel. Many homes on Koshnb are optimized for business travelers with a high-speed wifi connection and a dedicated workspace.


How Does Koshnb Work?


After creating an account, you’ll be prompted to verify your ID. We encourage all hosts and travelers to do this for safety and peace of mind. Once the process is complete, you’ll become a verified host or guest. Though the ID verification process is optional, verified hosts and guests see the highest level of accepted bookings.


If you’re looking to be a host, you can list rooms in your home, shared rooms, private apartments, or other accommodations for travelers to rent on their stay to your city.


Jewish travelers looking for a place to stay can then book their lodging from any of the beautiful listings on our site.


Hosts and guests are encouraged to communicate with each other before the booking is finalized to ensure a perfect fit.


Once the booking is confirmed, the host will prepare for their guest’s arrival, giving special attention to any needs or requests to ensure a perfect experience.


It’s that easy!


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