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How it works

How it works

Welcome to You are welcome to create an account and post your listing as a host or book your next vacation as a guest. 

Commission & Payments charges a 5% commission fee to hosts for finalized bookings . In order to accept bookings, hosts will need to add a payment method to their payment settings under the edit profile link. Currently we offer integration with PayPal or bank transfer by adding your bank information. All payouts are done automatically.

Contact Information
Important: Please be aware that phone numbers, email addresses or links are not allowed anywhere on the listing details section. You may enter your contact info in the signup phase as that information will not be displayed on the website. 

Week Nights, Shabbat/Weekends & Holidays.
 If you have different pricing for Week Nights, Shabbat/Weekends & Holidays, then you should create three different listings, one for each category with the appropriate pricing. Be sure to update your listing availability calendar and block out the dates which aren't relevant for each category e.g. for your weekday listing, be sure to block out all days of Shabbat for each month etc.

As always, if you need any help with anything feel free to reach out to customer service at

We hope to be rolling out new features and website improvements going forward!

Thanks For Joining!
The Koshnb Team