Beautiful Kosher Apartment in City Center

Amazing kosher apartment located in City Center, on the border or Sharei Tzedeck and Rachavia. Just minutes from Ben Yehuda street and a short walk to the shuk.

Transportation: We are located right near main train and bus lines. Street or paid parking can be found nearby.

Shopping: Food and clothing shops, restaurants, money changing stands ect are located within minutes of our home.

Shuls: The nearest shul is a 3 minute walk.

Mikveh: The nearest mens' mikvah is about 7-10 minutes walking, nearest womens' mikvah about 5 minutes away. There is a dish mikveh near both mikvahs.

Accessibility: Our apartment is on floor 2 with an elevator (there are a few steps from the entrance level to elevator).

About the apartment: Our newly renovated 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom apartment is rented out for Shabbat and Holidays. (Please note, this is a lived in apartment, so our stuff will be there. We leave sufficient closet space for your clothing.)

The first bedroom has 2 beds which can convert to one large bed. The second bedroom has 2 beds which can convert to a single bed, as well as a large crib (suitable for a baby or toddler up to age 2).

Laundry: We have a washer and dryer for laundry, as well as iron and ironing board.

AC/heating, WiFi: Central heating and air conditioning and wifi are provided.

Kitchen: Our kitchen has seperate meat and dairy sinks. There is a meat oven and dairy toaster oven. Fridge and freezer space are provided as well.

Very basic kitchen supplies are provided. *For a longer stay, we can arrange for additional dishes, ect according to your need.

For Shabbat/holidays, we offer basics such as tea lights, matches, havdala candle, kiddush cup, ect as well as a Shabbat hot water kettle and Plata (hot plate).

*Please note, kitchen access is only available to those who keep strictly kosher!

חוקי ביטול: קפדנית - החזר כספי מלא בגין ביטולים שבוצעו תוך 48 שעות מיום ביצוע ההזמנה, אם תאריך הצ'ק אין הוא לפחות 14 יום. 50% החזר בגין ביטולים שבוצעו לפחות 7 ימים לפני ביצוע הצ'ק אין. אין החזרים כספיים בגין ביטולים שבוצעו תוך 7 ימים מיום ביצוע הצ'ק אין
שעת כניסה ערב שבת וחגים: 3 hours before Shabbat
שעת יציאה ערב שבת וחגים: 2 hours after Shabbat
עיר: ירושלים
מדינה: ישראל
סוג נכס: דירה
סוג השכרה: כל הבית
כמה מטות: 5
חדרים: 2
שרותים: 1
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