Opening your home to millions of international Jewish and Kosher travelers not only strengthens community bonds, but is also an amazing way to earn extra income by renting out unused rooms in your home, apartments, or shared accommodations in cities, towns, and tourist destinations across the globe.


Koshnb gives full control to the hosts, who are allowed to choose their availability, the price quoted for the stay, and house rules. Our innovative calendar feature also allows hosts to have complete control over the bookings they will accept during the year and over holiday periods.


How Do I Become a Host?


As long as you have a clean and comfortable room, apartment, or shared space for a guest to book, you can post your listing! If you’re a member of the global jewish community or you own a home in a popular Jewish area, working hub or near a Jewish community center or shul, you have the opportunity to become a Koshnb host.


Once you’ve signed up, the process is simple:


1. Create your listing.

It’s free and easy to create a listing on Koshnb. Simply write a description of your space, specify how many guests you can accommodate, and add photos and other important details. Once your listing is approved by our team, you’ll be ready to start booking out your home. Keep in mind that the most thorough listings get the most bookings so the more detail you provide, the higher your chances are of confirming guests. 

Pro Tip: The Koshnb team is here to help! If you need assistance with uploading your information, we’ll gladly help you make the most out of your listing.


2. Communicate with your guests.

Hosts and travelers alike are encouraged to message each other before arrival to ensure that both parties are comfortable with the booking. Hosts can greet guests in person with a key or simply send them a door code for quick and easy access.


3. Ensure a pleasant stay for your guests.

Hosts are expected to clean the spaces guests can use, and provide essentials like clean sheets, towels, and toilet paper. If the listing is for a Kosher rental, the host is responsible for ensuring that the kitchen dishes and utensils are Kosher upon the guest’s arrival. The cleanest and most comfortable listings are those that get the highest reviews and most bookings!


4. Get paid!

Koshnb’s secure payment system means never having to exchange money directly. Guests are charged in full for their stay before arrival, and hosts are paid automatically after check in. Hosts are paid through Paypal or Stripe for convenient, cashless transactions.


Is it safe to host on Koshnb?


Not only is Koshnb’s platform secure for hosts to list their unit, we also empower each of our hosts to only accept bookings they’re 100% comfortable with. 

To ensure that the host and traveler are a good fit, Koshnb encourages you to communicate via the messaging system on our platform.

Every Koshnb traveler is also strongly encouraged to submit a profile photo and get verified by phone and email to guarantee that the person making the booking is who they say they are. 


Our site also offers the option for the host to review the traveler and vice-versa to hold each party accountable for being respectful, responsible, and hospitable.


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